Auto Ack completely fixed

Do check out the next post for a time comparison between Auto Ack mode and normal Tx - Rx switching mode. In my previous post there were some serious issues about the Tx receiving Ack payload only twice before stopping altogether and the issue of '1' being sent twice.... all that has been fixed and … Continue reading Auto Ack completely fixed

RF24Network for Wireless Sensor Networking

The ultimate guide to Wireless Sensor Networking using nRF24L01+ and Arduino.


17-Node Party

RF24Network is a network layer for Nordic nRF24L01+ radios running on Arduino-compatible hardware. It’s goal is to have an alternative to Xbee radios for communication between Arduino units. It provides a host address space and message routing for up to 6,000 nodes. The layer forms the background of a capable and scalable Wireless Sensor Network system. At the same time, it makes communication between even two nodes very simple.

Today, I managed to get 17 nodes running on a single network. Now I need to build some more nodes, because the system worked great with 17, and could likely handle thousands of nodes.

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