RF24Network for Wireless Sensor Networking

The ultimate guide to Wireless Sensor Networking using nRF24L01+ and Arduino.


17-Node Party

RF24Network is a network layer for Nordic nRF24L01+ radios running on Arduino-compatible hardware. It’s goal is to have an alternative to Xbee radios for communication between Arduino units. It provides a host address space and message routing for up to 6,000 nodes. The layer forms the background of a capable and scalable Wireless Sensor Network system. At the same time, it makes communication between even two nodes very simple.

Today, I managed to get 17 nodes running on a single network. Now I need to build some more nodes, because the system worked great with 17, and could likely handle thousands of nodes.

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About Shantam Raj

Currently I am a final year B.Tech undergraduate majoring in “Electronics and Communication Engineering” from IIT Guwahati. I am passionate about electronics and robotics. Apart from that I love writing, visit https://medium.com/@shantam_raj for some of my works. I am a die hard soccer fan. I also love to play badminton. I am a hardware hacking enthusiast and a tinkerer !!.
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