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Displaying bitmaps on MSP-EXP430F5438

I have been planning to implement some games on the MSP430F5438 Experimenters Board that i have. So my first stop is to learn what the library has to provide. In this post i will tell you how to display bitmaps.After … Continue reading

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Of Hearts and Swords

P.S The story follows the style of movies that show the present and keep on switching between past and present, following a nonlinear style of showing the events. OF HEARTS AND SWORDS It was the 31st night. He had never … Continue reading

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Sensor Hub

Inspired by the Sensor Tag from TI i am planning to make a sensor hub of my own consisting of I2C based temperature sensors, ambient light sensor , Humidity sensor and a barometric altimeter sensor too. Currently in the eagle … Continue reading

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