Sensor Hub

Inspired by the Sensor Tag from TI i am planning to make a sensor hub of my own consisting of I2C based temperature sensors, ambient light sensor , Humidity sensor and a barometric altimeter sensor too.
Currently in the eagle schematic i am using the sensors described below –

Sensor Name IC Name Comments
Ambient light sensor OPT3001 Human eye response
Temperature Sensor TMP100 I2C Interface
Humidity sensor HDC1000 Integrated temperature sensor
Pressure/Altimeter sensor MPL3115A2 Integrated temperature sensor

There are headers for NRF24L01+ and ESP8266 too.
As of now i have put up my schematic and layout files(beta) on my GitHub repository. The codes will be added soon.


The preliminary single layered board layout is almost over. I just need to do the DRC. The commit has been done on GitHub. Since this is just the prototype, it is very simplified and has lesser components and no consideration for power at all. After this i need to take a printout and see if the printer’s resolution is good enough. In about a weeks time i will start working on the codes and the design of double layered PCB for production purposes.


The routing for the prototype is complete.


Images –

sensor_hubbwpth2sensor_hubbwsmd2  sensor_hubpth1 sensor_hub2

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