Running CC3200 on LiPo using TP4056

Looking at the User’s guide its quite clear that you can run CC3200 on 2xAA or 2xAAA batteries and of course on 5v. But it is not exactly clear if it is SAFE to run it on 3.7-4.2 v from a LiPo. Unfortunately the schematic also doesn’t help at the first go. Its fairly complex and uses notations like VCC_BRD, VBAT_CC, VCC_DCDC_3V3, VCC_LDO_3V3 which really do a good job of confusing you more  (I may be biased here but i sure do realize the importance of doing this and actually learn’t a really cool trick employed by TI engineers ! Kudos to the team ! 🙂 ). So yesterday i sat in my club room for about an hour and drew all the power connections on a white board to understand what exactly is going on.

IMG_20151207_200849Then i concluded a few things and after through testing using a multimeter in continuity mode i realized that to run the CC3200 from a LiPo we need to connect the LiPo terminals to 5V and GND on jumper J19.


  • J12 and J13 must remain shorted.
  • DO NOT connect your board to USB power if you are powering it with a LiPo.


This was possible because the 5v lines pass through an LDO, TPS 79601. Its dropout voltage is 0.22V hence it can take LiPo’s input and output 3.3V properly !.

Here is the LiPo setup that i have which uses TP4056 to recharge it.

IMG_20151208_101455_HDR[1]This is the final working model –

server-on-offI hope i cleared your doubts and till then keep hacking and learning cool stuff !.


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