Sensor Hub Update

IMG_20151218_004041_HDRFinally my design arrived. Take a look ->



Apart from the sensor hub i had made 3 other different circuits in the same panel.(Check my Eagle post on how to do that) like this –

panelThis was the first time that i ever got a PCB fabricated in a facility and my first attempt at creating gerbers and all. I realized after getting the PCBs and soldering the components that i has not done the best job but anyways it was a very important learning experience for me. The next PCB would be perfect as i will take extreme care not to repeat these mistakes again. So here is what the bare Sensor Hub looks like –









Here is what it looks like after soldering –









This was also the first time i used hot air soldering station and i must tell you it was real fun to use it!!. After that i checked if it was working and thankfully 😛 it did work perfectly. You can get the test codes and the libraries on my GitHub page. Check out my next post on Real Time graphing using the Sensor Hub and RedBear Lab’s CC3200 WiFi Micro.

Till then happy hacking and merry making 😀 .

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