Energy Harvesting Shields for RedBearLab’s CC3200 WiFi Micro

A little while ago i got really interested in ultralow power applications and Energy Harvesting. After researching for a while i chose to do some projects that exploit energy harvesting. For my parts selection i decided to go with TI’s BQ25505 and BQ25570. I designed shields for my Wifi Micro keeping in mind that my input energy is Solar.

BQ25505  and BQ25570 are specifically designed to efficiently extract the microwatts  to milliwatts  of power generated from a variety of DC energy harvesting, high-impedance sources like photovoltaic (solar) or thermal electric generators (TEGs) without collapsing those sources.

First lets look at the specs of BQ25505 – bq25505

  • User-Programmable Overvoltage Level
  • Internally Set Undervoltage Level
  • Warn Attached Microcontrollers of Pending
    Loss of Power (and disable loads).
  • Integrated MPPT for Optimal Energy
    Extraction From a Variety of Energy
  • Ultra-Low Quiescent Current of 325 nA.

The integrated multiplexer gate drivers autonomously switch the system load to a primary nonrechargeable battery if the secondary battery voltage falls below the user-defined VBAT_OK threshold.

Now lets have a look at BQ25570 –

bq25570In addition to the highly efficient boosting charger, the BQ25570 integrates a highly efficient, nano- power buck converter for providing a second power rail to systems such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) which have stringent power and operational demands.

  • Operating Quiescent Current of 488 nA
  • Programmable MPPT.
  • Warn Attached Microcontrollers of Pending
    Loss of Power.

Note: BQ25570 does not have support for multiplexing primary and secondary batteries.

The gerbers have been sent to the fab house to manufacture the PCBs. They should reach me in about a week. Till then keep designing 😀

Once i have thoroughly tested the PCBs i will host the designs on GitHub.


The PCBs have come , have a look –IMG_20160213_182842[1]


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