Why are RF PCBs usually 4 layered?

There are RF based PCBs that are 2 layered too, I accept that but we are not talking about them here, although the answer is simple and universal to actually apply to 2 layered PCBs too. On Google you will find solutions to this issue like RF signal integrity, interference etc but these are the … Continue reading Why are RF PCBs usually 4 layered?

1.8V or 3.3V ?

Is it better to run CC2650, CC2640, CC1350 or CC1310 SoCs from Texas Instruments keeping in mind ultra low power and utilizing energy harvesting at 1.8V (but consume larger current) or at higher voltages (like 3.3V ) but consume lesser current? Well, it depends. The performance will be similar because the core runs at 1.6V … Continue reading 1.8V or 3.3V ?