Batteryless Bluetooth Beacons update 2

So, I have been making steady progress with the project. Here are some pictures of the latest stage and some videos showing the Power Management in action. The board has been tested with simple blinky program and a BLE program too. But the code for the sensors is yet to be written which I hope to complete in the coming 2 weeks. Stay tuned and keep making !!


(Will add videos after compressing them.)


NOTE: The LED has been soldered where there is supposed to be an inductor for filtering the noise and supplying the power to the CC2650 Module. So when the module has been programmed to run at 1.8V then the LED will be desoldered, the programming JTAG wires will be removed, the LDO will be removed from the bottom layer and the inductor will be soldered in its place.


About Shantam Raj

Currently I am a final year B.Tech undergraduate majoring in “Electronics and Communication Engineering” from IIT Guwahati. I am passionate about electronics and robotics. Apart from that I love writing, visit for some of my works. I am a die hard soccer fan. I also love to play badminton. I am a hardware hacking enthusiast and a tinkerer !!.
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