1.8V or 3.3V ?

Is it better to run CC2650, CC2640, CC1350 or CC1310 SoCs from Texas Instruments keeping in mind ultra low power and utilizing energy harvesting at 1.8V (but consume larger current) or at higher voltages (like 3.3V ) but consume lesser current? Well, it depends. The performance will be similar because the core runs at 1.6V … Continue reading 1.8V or 3.3V ?

Self Sustained Wireless Sensor Node for IoT

Finally after through testing i stacked all the modules on top of each other and...... boy, don't they look pretty 😛  (video coming soon!!) Visit the Hackster.io project page or my GitHub Project page to access the schematic, layout, Energia code, and the javascript codes.                 For a … Continue reading Self Sustained Wireless Sensor Node for IoT